Infection Prevention and Control Association of Cameroon

Full Name of Society

Infection Prevention and Control Association of Cameroon (IPCA-Cameroon)

Country of Origin


Chairperson / President

Tambo Ajong Cletus

Description of Society

Formed on the 16th July 2016 and approved by Cameroon government on the 17th Sept. 2019 with registration No.61/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS. Number of members 62. Number registered with ICAN 2018 was 16 and in 2020 was 15(fee still to be sent to ICAN office by Fin. Sec). Many more have indicated to register in the days ahead.
Work completed:
1. Awareness campaign in Health facilities/ communities on IPC
2. Carried out phase 1 project on IPC practices on COVID-19 through M&E/ Supplies, sponsored by RTSL through ICAN in 2020
3. Training of COVID-19 focal point medical staff in Buea, SWR and Bamenda, NWR of Cameroon, April 2021
4. 2nd Phase of IPC practices on COVID-19 as in (2) above. Project on going (April to December 2021).
5. Carrying on IPC trainings through Webinar on the ECHO platform( started January 2021, ongoing.

Functions and Roles

1. Promote IP and WASH in HCF, churches, schools etc through awareness campaign on media, trainings or capacity building.
2. Encourage and ensure proper waste management.
3. Promote community health care and support on general nutrition.
4. Assist HCFs in infrastructural design to take care of ventilation and other general IP issues.

Contact details for Enquiries

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