ICAN-RTSL Africa Covid-19 M&E

With the Covid-19 pandemic around, Africa was affected and the need for proactive preparedness through out Africa was required. ICAN as a specialist in infection prevention and control, submitted their proposal to RTSL in early April 2020 as a African partner working on Intergrated Theory of Health behaviour Change. This Integrated Theory states that, “Health Care Workers are more likely to embrace desired behaviour, if provided with the right information & environment.

With this focus ICAN with the support of RTSL started in June 2020 with a monitoring & evaluation of IPC for SARS CO-V-2 in multiple countries in Africa. With the start of the project 6 countries were supported with monitoring and improving the behaviour towards Covid-19 in 50 identified health care facilities in each country. With volunteers and dedicated health staff this project was planned for 2 phases. Phase 1 focussed on pure M&E behaviour change with supplementary support to improve the health care facilities. Phase 2 continue with a focus on mentoring the results from phase 1 in country with supplementary support. The focus in phase 2 on mentoring health staff to increase their knowledge and practical skills in infection control would contribute to reduce and eliminate the Covid-19 pandemic.

6 Countries of Phase 1

Running of this project will be using ICAN ZOOM and ECHO to ensure meetings and communication in all follow up efforts are managed.