Infection Control Society of Southern Africa

Full Name of Society

Infection Control Society of Southern Africa- ICSSA

Country of Origin

South Africa

Chairperson / President

Yolanda Van Zyl

Description of Society

ICASA was in existence before 1993. The name changed to ICSSA when the Society became a member of FIDSSA in 2006. The society has +/- 200 members. Society has always been involved in writing IPC guidelines and contributing to national guidelines. Hand Hygiene working group established in Feb 2018. Motivation sent to the South African Nursing Council to have the post graduate diploma in IPC recognised as a speciality.

 The Association is a legal entity having registered as a Trust in 2014 and has a multi-disciplinary membership totalling 380 from across the country’s ten provinces.

Functions and Roles

• Education and training of Practitioners in Infection Prevention & Control
• Development and standardization of infection prevention and control curricula and practice throughout the region.
• Information dissemination by way of publication, networking, congresses and scientific meetings.
• Encouraging multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial participation in infection prevention and control.
• Research.
• To function as a consultative body in all infection prevention & control matters.
• Acknowledge and support the different needs within the regions.
• Advisory function to regional or local Infection Prevention & control societies
• To establish links with international organizations with similar objectives.

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