Infection Control Association of Zimbabwe

Full Name of Society

Nigerian Society for Infection Control

Country of Origin


Chairperson / President

Dr. Abimbola Sowande

Description of Society

1.      We serve as an umbrella body for all infection control units at Federal, State and Community levels in the country.

2.      We advocate and promote infection control programmes at all levels in healthcare facilities.

3.      We promote public and institutional awareness of infection control.

4.      We formulate guidelines on infection control in healthcare practice in Nigeria.

5.      We advocate and promote education, training and research in the field of infection prevention and control.

6.      We advocate and promote the inclusion of infection control practices into the curricula of medical schools.

7.      We advocate and promote the setting up of a reference laboratory for typing organisms from outbreak of infectious diseases.

8.      We promote the setting up and training of infection control teams capable of responding rapidly and effectively to epidemics in the country.

9.      We disseminate information on the proper use, storage and disposal of bio-hazardous materials.

10.    We publish regular scientific information on infection prevention and control.

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