Basic Infection Prevention and Control
for Healthcare Workers

Course Timetable


Training Course
Basic IPC & Wash for Healthcare Workers
Basic IPC & Wash for Healthcare Workers
Basic IPC & Wash for Healthcare Workers
21 Feb - 4 Mar 2022
25-29 Jul 2022
19-23 Sep 2022
Virtual/Cape Town
Virtual/Cape Town
Virtual/Cape Town
Application Deadline
21 January 2022
24 June 2022
19 August 2022

Course Modules

The Basic IPC for Healthcare Workers course is CPD accredited at SAMA.
The 5-day course is structured to provide face-to-face didactic lectures in the morning and clinical visits, group work and discussions in the afternoon. Each morning, there will be a quick revision of the previous day’s work. On the last day, there will be a formal test.

Day One

Infection Prevention and Control

This is a rapid overview on infectious agents like bacteria, viruses and fungi, their modes of transmission and resistance to antimicrobials including disinfectants.

• Transmission of pathogens, host and microbe defense mechanisms
• Antimicrobial resistance and stewardship

Day Two

Standard Precautions

Here we consider the basic essentials of standard practices which all healthcare workers should know and apply during their clinical practice towards reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens. The aim is to enhance patient and healthcare worker safety.

• Hand hygiene and multimodal strategy
• Personal protective equipment: when and how to use them
• Aseptic procedures and bundles

Day Three

Surveillance, Outbreak Response and IPC Policies

• Environmental cleaning
• Waste management
• Linen and laundry management
• Use of disinfectants
• Decontamination and sterilisation

Day Four

Transmission-based Precautions

• Contact precautions
• Droplet precautions
• Airborne precautions
• The built environment: Hospital design
• Isolation facilities

Day Five

Surveillance, Outbreak Response and IPC Policies

• Measuring healthcare-associated infection
• Surveillance of hospital pathogens
• Outbreak response in hospitals
• Formulating policies and guidelines


Please note that while Covid-19 restrictions are in place, all our courses are being conducted on a virtual platform, unless stated otherwise.
Course Background

The Basic IPC for Healthcare Workers is an introductory course specifically designed for healthcare personnel requiring basic IPC knowledge with an emphasis on hand hygiene, standard precautions, and procedure-based transmission precautions in newly developing health systems.


The course is not designed to be totally comprehensive or extensive, but to introduce basic concepts of IPC to the learners. The aim of this short course is to familiarise healthcare personnel with evidence-based IPC practices to improve quality of care. The course is based on structured curricula and evidence and provides a basis for developing health policies for safe clinical practice for both patients and staff. The examination at the end of the course will be to assess competency.


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Course Fee

$619 / R9,000

Excluding 15% VAT

Dollar fee subject to change due to fluctuation of the exchange rate.
Travel and accommodation not included.

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